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Case Study:  How Artemis Woman Beautified Feet and Other Body Parts of American Women


The beauty industry is always searching for new body parts to fix, but until 2005, feet were largely ignored. Oh, yeah, there were diggers, scrappers, razors and ugly pumice stones used to smooth and soothe jagged skin. Could we ever forget the cheese grater lookalikes that drew blood and brought users to emergency rooms en masse? Alas, women needed something better, and finally they got it when Artemis Woman LLC, produced its blockbuster Heel Smoother® and put this tiny Connecticut company on the international map.

The iconic Artemis Woman Heel Smoother, named beauty editor top pick from Better Homes and Gardens (reach 37,000,000+ monthly), immediately shot to the top of sales charts. Funny what a simple gizmo it is, that is if you consider simple a hand-held, battery operated, flashlight size machine with an attached crystal tip, that when turned on, rotated at 20,000 RPM. When the tip was gently applied to calloused feet, it made dust of dead skin, leaving feet feel smooth, clean and reborn! A quick application of Artemis Woman Topaz Foot Butter and feet were ready for their close-up. At $19.95 at Wal-Mart, Target, Ulta, Rite Aid, Walgreens and multitudes of mass-market stores across America and England/Ireland, Artemis Woman became the new company to watch. “The Today Show” featured it. Family Circle hailed it! Redbook fell in love again with feet!

Artemis Woman was co-founded by Ann Buivid, the former first lady of the public company, Remington, whose Personal Care Products division she headed. Ann, along with Lisa Kable, her marketing director at Remington, decided to go forth, entrepreneurially speaking, and in 2003 formed the Connecticut-based, Certified Woman Owned Company that manufactured innovative beauty tools and appliances, plus a line of natural skin care products directed to a “can’t wait” audience of shoppers. These products looked different in the marketplace and the price tag they wore was surprisingly affordable, offering woman an alternative to buying beauty services at salons, spas or other emporiums of higher beauty. The company mission: to offer busy women a satisfying spa experience called “me time,” when she could hide in her own bathroom and beautify her fabulous body parts using Artemis Woman products. If the body is fixed, surely the soul will follow!

Artemis Woman was founded 2003, but in 2005, everything changed when Wal-Mart gave them a huge first order for the new Heel Smoother. At that point Bambe Levine’s beauty public relations agency was called to make the magic that would catapult this company into the winner’s circle.


Bambe Levine’s firm is a master at desk-sides, and so company president Ann Buivid, along with Bambe and a fabulous pedicurist, visited just about every beauty editor in New York City from the Beauty/HBA trades to national woman’s beauty-fashion publications of every type. We also hit TV show producers, beauty bloggers –in short, everyone. We would meet each reporter in her own office or conference room and, as the reporter asked questions, the pedicurist went to work buzzing off her calluses and dry skin. At the end of the interview, Artemis Woman clinched a story and the editor had fabulously renewed and beautified feet. The reviews kept pouring in.

Along the way, we worked at getting Artemis Woman first on QVC and later on HSN. The company was named INC magazine’s list of the top 500 fastest-growing private companies with a three-year growth rate of 679.6%. As a woman’s owned company, it came in at an astounding #42 out of an expanded list of 5,000 companies, of which 730 were women owned. The American Podiatric Society was tickled pink that one of its own members was making such a different, a fact not lost to “The Today Show.”

Artemis Woman added new products including the incredible Shea Butter Paraffin Wax Hand Spa sold at Hammacher-Schlemmer and others. This $45 machine made arthritic and painful hands feel good again as the warm wax soothed tired and overworked hands. A “how-to” video on YOUTUBE, made by Bambe Levine PR, today has close 140,000 hits. By Christmas the machine was completely sold out everywhere!

Artemis Woman manufactured other wildly innovative products, such as its heated eyelash curler that sold almost as many units as the Heel Smoother. Following the lead of the Heel Smoother, AW made a Face Smoother that removed surface blemishes and made faces shin. There was also the first lighted eyebrow tweezer with a magnifying glass, comb and light to help grab errant hairs. This cute little beauty device resembled a grasshopper but worked like a surgical knife. There was a Power Nail Buffer, a Nail Clipper that collected toe nail clippings in a little trough so that an unsuspecting woman wouldn’t be surprised when stepping on a nail clipping left behind by her hapless husband the night before.

Bambe Levine and company was dedicated to the success of Artemis Woman, making the company and its products among the most recognizable and beloved in the marketplace.