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  • Artemis Woman Brand Launch

    From the iconic Heel Smoother, the Heated Eyelash Curler, a Nail Clipper with Catcher and the much-loved heated Shea Butter Paraffin Hand Spa, for which we produced a video, we brought this tiny manufacturer of beauty tools, appliances and skin care products to over $8-million in sales. Artemis was named by INC. Magazine to the coveted 500 Fastest Growing list of US companies at #464 and they were named 42nd in size as a woman-owned company. Products were sold at mass-market and variety stores. As brand spokesperson, Bambe Levine was interviewed in all media. Also sold in England and Ireland. Supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and named a woman-owned business. Beauty Editor choice, Better Homes & Gardens.

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  • Caren et Cie (Meredith Baxter Products Brand Launch

    Launch of moisturizing bath and body-products featuring botanical extracts, aloe vera, glycerin and other natural ingredients. Sold at gift stores and especially through hospital gift shops. Large contributor to breast cancer research.

  • Gillette:

    • The Dry Look (first men’s hairspray) launch
    • The Hot One (hot saving lather) launch
    • Foamy Shave Cream launch
    • Soft and Dri Deodorant launch
    • Right Guard Deodorant
    • White Rain Shampoo
  • Bambe Levine Gillette

  • Idea Village National PR Launch

    Leading direct response company hired us for the national PR launches of Clever Clasp and Luma Tweeze, two wildly successful “As Seen on TV” products. Our success also included the launch of NutraMist, the OTC line of four individual vitamin/mineral infused mouth sprays that aids at enhancing energy, the control of eating, inducing sleep and the boosting of the immune system.

  • Minus 417

    Meeting at Cosmoprof, Bologna, Italy, in 2010, Bambe Levine, New York City and Moty Fridman, Tel Aviv, became fast and compatible friends. Moty is Founder and CEO of Minus-417, a successful worldwide skin care company whose ingredients are mined from the Dead Sea, 417 meters below sea level – and, as Moty likes to say, “the lowest place on earth.”

    Through the years, Bambe Levine has helped guide this growing beauty company through the trials and tribulations of marketing consumer products in the United States. Highlights of her assignments include writing product videos now aired on YOUTUBE, writing Power Point presentations, consulting on public relations initiatives, and working towards company’s appearance on QVC US.

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  • Modele Anti-Aging Skin Care Line from Italy Brand Launch

    Multi-year launch by doctor-developed and Italian-made anti-aging beauty products based on amino acids. Responsible for all North American marketing and communications 33-product line distributed through 19,000 mass-market and drug/variety stores such as CVS, Walgreens/Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Osco/Savon, Longs, Albertson’s, Ulta, Target, others. Placements in all media.

  • Rephase Cosmeceutical Anti-Aging Skin Care Products Brand Launch

    Marketing, positioning and communications launch of this doctor-developed, Italian made line of prestige skin-care treatments that address the ever changing skin-care needs of a woman as she ages. This beautiful, innovative line of products attracted notable publicity in all media.

  • Proctor & Gamble:

    • Old Spice Cool Contact Towels launch, a shared account (New York market)
    • Old Spice Body Spray, a shared account (New York market)
    • Everyday Effects, Summer 2013
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